Charlotte Attorney Ken Harris who’s law firm Ken Harris & Associates is a Renaissance man in every sense of the word was featured on WB-TV. He is no stranger to taking business to whole new heights.  Ken who owns one of the largest black owned and operated law firms in Charlotte, NC knows all about growth and expansion. Going into what some may think is uncharted territory for this Entrepreneur is a familiar setting for this attorney.  Having litigated hundreds of cases from small to critically acclaimed, Uncharted territory is a familiar space.

Ken Harris was interviewed on WB-TV in Charlotte last evening to discuss his newest and latest ventures. He announced the launch of his new novel “Dark Trades”.  Dark Trades a book that tells the riveting tale of Harrison Lane, A middle aged African American man who struggles to change history and overcome adversity for he and his people.  This novel poses the question “What If The South Won The Civil War”? Yes, it gives the scenario of Slavery still existing in 2018…The things that make you go hhhmmmm. If you have not as of yet purchased your copy which is available for pre-sale, we suggest that you do.  Visit


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