“My son was rear-ended on I-77 on his way to work.  A family member recommended Attorney Ken Harris & Associates and they came to our rescue.  Cheryl guided us every step in making sure that my son got the medical attention he needed.  From the moment that we contacted the office, we were in good hands.  Attorney Ken Harris & Associates will always be the first place that our family calls on for legal help.  Thanks Ken Harris & Associates.”

— Thernesa A.

“I have used the services of Ken Harris & Associates on more than one occasion.  His team is the most professional firm you will meet, all the while making you feel like family.  One of my favorites on his team is Ms. Lieske.  Se worked with me day in and day out until I had the results that I could be satisfied with.  I couldn’t ask for a better and more patient team to tell you about.  Ken Harris & Associates is a must when it comes to any of my legal matters.  Thanks for all that you guys do for this community.”

— Robert C.

“I was involved in an auto accident in March 2016.  I knew it was serious, but I was able to walk away.  Then the pains in my hips and back began.  Thankfully a close friend of mine gave me the number to Ken Harris & Associates.  There I was introduced to Cheryl Lieske, senior paralegal.  Through her confidence and professionalism I recommend to anyone who has a personal injury to use Ken Harris & Associates.”

— Larry B.

“I’m very pleased with the services provided by Ken Harris & Associates.  I have been represented by this Firm several times and every time I received excellent counseling and representation.  They have advocated for me and assisted me with my legal matters.  I will always recommend them to my family and friends.  Thank you for everything and always listening and educating me in all my cases.”

— Carla P.

“He had a lot of patience with my godfather when he was injured.  He was very professional and weighed heavily all the best options for him legally. I appreciated him and his firm.  If you or some one you know are in need of legal counsel, you certainly should contact the Law Office of Ken Harris & Associates.”

— Connie VC.

“Ken Harris has been my attorney for years.  HIs professionalism and friendly staff are like family.  When it comes to my business venture and advice he has always steered me in the proper direction.”

— Redd A.

“A law firm is average at best if the support personnel are not strong and professional.  I know Ken’s support personnel, and they have the skills and experience to represent you and your interest.   Navigating governments and insurance companies’ bureaucracies are not easy!  You need a team that is experienced and knowledgeable and professional.  Ken has the people with the skills that will make the difference for you!”

— Thomas E.

“I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me.  It was a long road we had to travel, but I knew I had a good driver, you and God.  My husband and I are so grateful!”

— Vanessa S.

“I am writing this letter to thank you and your professional staff for helping me and my family wo was recently awarded disability insurance benefits after I was denied for 2 years.  Once Ken Harris took the case and put me and my situation in the hands of Leonard Graham it was a stress free fight.  Mr. Graham handled my case with great detail and confidence.  My family and I are in a much better place in our lives because of Ken Harris & Associates.  They never gave up and they are a stand up law firm who will get you what you want and rightfully deserve.  I am proud to recommend anyone who needs great results on a disability case to hire Ken Harris & Associates.  They will win the case.”

— Benjamin J.